No. 1

We use natural lighting for health and well-being to make interiors look more aesthetically pleasing and ensure people living in them maintain a normal circadian rhythm. Light is a key ingredient for health and well-being

No. 2

Reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that reduces deforestation, lasts longer and is stronger than newer timber.

West Coast ease and Scandinavian simplicity

Designer’s calm aesthetic inspired is by nature, simplicity, warmth, sustainability and wellness. In Marcy Garcia’s work, some may see the relaxed nature of the West Coast, or perhaps Scandinavian simplicity.

No. 4

Supporting small business is one of our core principles. We select fabulous and one of a kind elements to style and  bring interiors to life.

Designer’s philosophy produces wellness + mindful practices

The firm’s core philosophy produces sustainable practices, creating comfort, togetherness and wellbeing. Through collaboration, she creates warm interiors which have characteristics that you can feel when it’s there with that little “je ne sais quoi.” Marcy creatively brings her global perspective to create elegant, authentic, and eco-friendly designs that are mindful of her client’s unique lifestyles.

No. 3

The use of natural and organic materials improves our level of comfort, reduces stress and contributes to improved health in the built environment

No. 5

Indoor air quality benefits from wise design choices including organic fabrics, low VOC paints, vegetable dye rugs and formaldehyde free furniture.