No. 6

Miami Selfie

Marcy Garcia

Creative Director: MG Design Lab.

 “I may have been born in Colombia, but I was MADE in San Francisco.”

After earning a degree in Interior Architecture and Social Cultural Studies from the Academy of Arts University, Marcy’s career was seeded at the prestigious interior design firm TH Designs in San Francisco.

Marcy credits this first part of her career spent on the West Coast for why so much of her aesthetic is inspired by nature, simplicity, warmth, sustainability and wellness. Her work often draws comparisons to Scandinavian simplicity and the relaxed, inviting spaces that make up traditional coastal design.

Marcy loves to mix contemporary art with vintage design pieces (often representing a nostalgic memory), which results in a new + old interiors that minimal, cozy, and understated. Marcy infuses all of her spaces with what the Danes call “hygge” (pronounced hue-guh). While there’s no one English word or simple translation for hygge, one can think of it alternately as minimal, cozy, charming, contented, secure, familiar, comfortable, reassuring, full of kinship, or finally simple.

On a personal note, Marcy is a devoted foodie along with her husband (whom she met in San Francisco). Marcy has an incredible passion for even the simplest meals that spring from her kitchen. Her everyday mantra is meditation in the morning, Peloton in the afternoon, and keep life healthy and joyful.